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Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight plans could be sabotaged

The rapper’s BIG 3 basketball league had already booked the location for the league championship game on the same night.

The UFC star and retired boxing legend announced their highly-anticipated bout would take place on August 26.

A BIG 3 source told TMZ they have no intentions of moving their date.

With their game expected to go ahead, BIG 3 are continuing to promote tickets to their match to take place on August 26.

But McGregor’s and Mayweather’s camp are confident they will resolve the issue and secure their desired venue.

It is believed they are confident it is just a matter of time before they come to an agreement.

But as things stand, the two continue to dig their heels in and give nothing away.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. poses on the scales.


FFloyd Mayweather has hit back at ‘circus act’ jibes and says he is giving fans what they want by fighting Conor McGregor.

Legendary fighter Mayweather, 40, is coming out of retirement for the blockbuster scrap.

And Mayweather has hinted at respect to the man he’s coming up against, despite some of the trash talk that dominated the build-up to the announcement of the August 26 fight.

Mayweather said to BSOTV: “McGregor is a tough competitor. People all around the world demanded this fight so I had to give them what they wanted to see.

“They asked for this fight. I was in retirement, but they wanted me back and I’m back.

“You’re supposed to stand behind your man. Stand behind the fighter that you believe. He’s a hell of a competitor.”

Mayweather is expected to bank around $252 million from the fight, with McGregor set to earn around $131m.

Both will take home even more than those purse figures.

And Mayweather was predictably happy with the money coming in.

Mayweather added: “Both parties are very happy.

“He’s very happy, I’m very happy and I can’t wait.”

UFC president Dana White is confident the McGregor’s showdown with Mayweather will break the pay-per-view record.

He says the fight could generate five million television hits to underline his boast that this is “the biggest fight in the history of fights”.

Former WBO middleweight world champ Steve Collins is one of few people who reckon McGregor have a prayer in a fight that boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya has branded a circus.

Floyd Mayweather Jr will come out of retirement to face UFC star Conor McGregor in a boxing match on Aug. 26.