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Report on Small Business newsletter: A sour-beer startup and insights from The Small Business Summit

The new brand, Halcyon Barrel House, began as a passion project of Beau’s brewer Bryce McBain. (Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.)

Beau’s Brewery sour-beer ‘startup’ started as passion project

Popular craft-beer maker Beau’s Brewery is expanding again – this time to include a new brand of sour beer under its umbrella.

The new brand, Halcyon Barrel House, began as a passion project of Beau’s brewer Bryce McBain. He’d been experimenting with mixed fermentation (brewing with a variety of non-standard yeasts and bacteria) at home for years when, in late 2015, he decided to start his own brewery entirely dedicated to wild and sour beers.

With guidance from Beau’s co-founder and chief executive Steve Beauchesne, Mr. McBain sought investment from friends and family and began developing his recipes and business plan. He intended to make his beer base (known as wort) using equipment at other breweries, then blend, ferment and sell it at his own retail outlet. But when he learned his plan fell afoul of Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario rules and he’d need to pony up another $250,000 for equipment, his investors balked. Full story

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Compiled by Sarah Efron