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Zak Bagans Takes ‘Ghost Adventures’ Crew To Investigate Historic Viper Room

Last night on an all new Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley took fans on a terrifying lock-down in Los Angeles. In the episode, which aired on The Travel Channel, Zak and the crew investigated the infamous Viper Room, where actor River Phoenix collapsed and died on Halloween in 1993. Zak and the Ghost Adventures crew are looking to communicate with the spirits still lingering at the Viper Room and figure who the dark entities are and what they want.

Along with the overdose death of Phoenix, the club is also connected to an unsolved missing person, a businessman and former co-owner named Anthony Fox. In 2001 he went missing after bringing up allegations and a lawsuit alleging that some of the other owners, including actor Johnny Depp, were funneling money from the Viper Room by the millions. Current manager, Maci, shared with Zak that someone told her they believe the body of Anthony Fox was buried in a dirt floor area located within the Viper Room. Maci would not reveal to Bagans who told her this.

Two frightening instances revealed to Zak indicate that perhaps spirits can tap into any electromagnetic wave they want to. Rita, a cashier at the Viper Room, shares with Zak an instance where the spirit of a woman texted her cell phone because she was angry Rita could not see her. Rita says when she called the number it was only static. In another instance, Zak was also told by manager Maci that a call was received on the answering machine with a strange voice saying, “It’s me.” The voice was followed by static.

Zak also spoke with Tommy, a bartender who has worked at the Viper Room for 16 years. When asked by Zak if he believes in spirits, Tommy replies that he isn’t really into all that, but that there are definite things that cannot be ignored going on at the Viper Room. Tommy tells Zak there is a spot near the main bar where he has seen people fall or collapse at least 16 or 17 times. Tommy also shares that there is a different feeling from upstairs and downstairs at the club. He tells Zak he has never been in the dirt floor room where it is believed Anthony Fox’s body could have been hidden.

Zak shares that the atmosphere of the Viper Room is the perfect setting for spirits to dwell. Bagans says with the blackness, mysteriousness, dark and no windows it creates the perfect energy for portals and spirits.

When Aaron and Billy go to investigate an area that nobody really goes into, they capture voices. When playing these voices to Rita, she is convinced the voice is that of River Phoenix. The same voice also said, “I get confused.” Zak and the crew feel this perhaps could be River and he is showing confusion because he passed away from a drug overdose. Zak feels they helped him to realize he had passed over. The moment left Zak and the boys feeling emotional.

Almost all of the investigations leave an impact on Zak and the crew. Aaron took to Instagram to share that this was one of his favorite investigations. When you watch the episode that may appear to not be the case for a little while as Zak has Aaron suit up and head into the darkness through air ducts and small spaces in an attempt to reach the dirt room. Ghost Adventures even makes a joke of it as they count how many times Aaron complains on his way to the room.

The investigation of the Viper Room proved to be both frightening and enlightening. Zak and the boys were once again able to capture extraordinary evidence of the other side. The crew continues to complete investigations across the country.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]